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Here you will find comprehensive documentation to help you integrate with Dapi's API as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Get started below!

Get Started    

Creating a new application using Dashboard

  1. Select a name for your application. You will not be able to change this name later.

Application Name Creation

  1. Select the countries that your application will be using Dapi for

Country Selection Screen

  1. Select the type of accounts that your end-users will have (retail or business)

Type of Account Selection Screen

  1. Select the Dapi product that you will use (Data and/or Payment)

Product Selection Screen

  1. Download the App Secret, which will be saved on your computer as a txt file.

App Secret Download



Please note that the appSecret can only be accessed and saved during this time until you refresh the page. Losing your appSecret means losing your application!

  1. Select your new application from the Dashboard

Application Selection Screen

  1. Add any IPs or Hostnames that will be sending requests to the Dapi API. Only IP addresses that you specify here will be authorized to interact with Dapi.

IP and Hostname Screen



Please make sure to add your system IP address to Allowed IPs. Use a service like whatsmyIPaddress.com to help you determine your IP address.

  1. List the webhook URLs where you would like us to send request responses to.

Webhook URL Screen

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Creating a new application using Dashboard

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