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What are Jobs?

Many financial institutions require multi-factor authentication (MFA) verification in order to authorize certain operations. To complete such multi-step operations and to keep track of previously accessed financial information, our API identifies each request with a unique jobID. Jobs work as follows:

  1. When you push any data or payment request to our API, we create a unique identifier for that specific request called a jobID. This jobID appears in the response to any valid request made to our API.
  1. If your operation is successfully completed with status done, you can use the jobID to reference this response in the future. You can access this information at any point, unless your user changes their login information.
  1. If your operation takes time to process with status initialized, you can use the jobID to retrieve the operation result once it is complete. For more information, see Job Status .
  1. If your operation requires further authentication information with status user_input_required, you can use the jobID with the required user input to resume the job. For more information, see Resume Job and User Inputs.



If user input is required do not call any other endpoints before completing this job. If you begin any other operation while user input is pending your session with Dapi will be reset.

  1. If your operation did not start with status failed, you need to verify that your provided request parameters are correct and send a new request. No job was started in this case and no jobID has been created.



  • If a user changes their password then you will no longer be able to retrieve their past jobs as Dapi uses the password to decrypt associated data.
  • While the Dapi API supports both parallel and sequential requests, we do not recommend making parallel job requests as certain banks do not support parallel requests within their website and mobile systems. Please make sequential requests to the Dapi API.
  • For all products and requests supported by Dapi, if the job status is initialized or user_input_required you will not receive your expected response. If the status is initialized the response will be sent back as a webhook call. If the status is user_input_required you will need to resume the same job with additional or corrected information.
  • Ensure you have completely logged in before making further requests to Dapi. A successful login will result in a job status of done, while an unsuccessful login will result in failed. For more information, see Login Check.

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