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What is a User?

Before diving into the details, let’s start off by making a clear distinction between a user and an end-user.

  • A user is a set of credentials attached to a financial institution.
  • An end-user is an individual using your application - your customer.

For instance

Bill Smith logs into your application with the username: app_billsmith and password: app_password. He then logs into his bank through your application using the Dapi API with username: bank_a_billsmith and password: bank_a_foobar. His Bank A savings account is linked to your application and can now be accessed.
Bill Smith is the end-user, whilst {bank_a_billsmith, bank_a_foobar, Bank_A} is the user.



The set of credentials held by user is the one used for logging into the financial institution.

An end-user can have accounts at multiple financial institutions, and is therefore associated with multiple users in Dapi.

For instance

Bill Smith also connects his Bank B checking account to your application using the Dapi API. He logs into his bank with username: bank_b_billsmith and password: bank_b_foobar. For one end-user Bill Smith, there are two users: {bank_a_billsmith, bank_a_foobar, Bank_A} , {bank_b_billsmith, bank_b_foobar, Bank_B}.

An end-user can also have many accounts opened with one financial institution. Therefore, one user can be associated with several different accounts by holding multiple accountIDs.

Bill Smith also opens a checking account with Bank A: {bank_a_billsmith, bank_a_foobar, Bank_A: [savingsID, checkingID]} is the user associated with him.

Linking a User

  1. An end-user – your client – will use Dapi’s Connect to link their bank account with your application, thus creating a user.
  2. Each user receives an accessCode upon successful login.
  3. Exchange this accessCode for an accessToken to access any information from the user.

For more information, see Glossary and Connect.



While many banks do not allow parallel (simultaneous) requests with the same user, you can perform parallel applications with different users. For more information, please see Jobs.

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