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What is Dapi?

Company Overview

Dapi is the bridge between your app and your users’ bank accounts. Our unified open banking API allows you to retrieve data on users’ financial information and make payments with a quick single integration.

Working with Dapi enables you to:

  • Focus on providing a seamless user experience with any bank related activity
  • Reduce the cost and time associated with integrating financial services into your product

Gone are the days when your users needed to leave your platform or physically go to the bank. Forget about any middlemen handling your company’s financial transactions; your focus should be on the functionality of your application, while Dapi makes connecting to banks simple, scalable and secure.

If you are a developer, use Dapi to build your applications to connect to a global banking network. If you are a financial institution, allow Dapi to connect you to innovators developing fintech products of the future.

Our Products

1. Data API

The fastest way to digitally access users’ financial data for a variety of use cases, ranging from credit decisions to personal financial management.

2. Payment API

The most cost effective method for accepting digital payments - a single interface that makes bank transfers as seamless and frictionless as card payments.

Mission Statement

We at Dapi empower an ecosystem of fintech products that would not be possible otherwise. Our API provides the infrastructure necessary to build fintech applications of the future, while we ensure that our integration is reliable, compliant, and secure to help applications and financial institutions interact smoothly and efficiently.

Security is our utmost priority and we ensure that the privacy of any credentials passing through our system is never compromised. We have implemented a three-point system using the highest level of industry grade encryption, which protects credentials and sensitive data even if our data vault is breached.

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What is Dapi?

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